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Fill Management

AAROC Fill Management

In construction it is often necessary to move soils from place to place. Excess soils from construction should be handled appropriately to protect the environment and avoid climate change emissions. Sometimes excess soils can contain chemicals and debris that is harmful if not disposed of properly.

Aaroc Aggregates operates pits and quarries with licenses under the Aggregate Resources Act. Many of these properties meet the criteria deemed as "reuse" sites under the Regulations because within the approved license the importation of fill (excess soil) is required and allowed for the purposes of rehabilitation. Rehabilitation of pits and quarries under the Regulation identifies a "beneficial purpose" of this soil.

Imported soils are used:​

  • To provide proper sloping at fully extracted pit faces
  • For grading of the pit floor for proper grading and drainage
  • For landscaping features within the Rehabilitation plan
  • To achieve grading for a future development or use of the property

​Soil that is stripped from the surface of the gravel resource for the purposes of extraction and stored or reused within the property boundary is not considered "excess soil".

It is of particular note that pits and quarries as reuse sites offer an efficient and climate change benefit because the transportation of the excess soil often triggers 2-way haulage with aggregate returning to the project site. The efficient use of 2-way haulage reduces fuel consumption and climate change emissions for the same work.